High School Advanced Placement

More and more high school students are getting a "head start" on their college coursework by enrolling in advanced placement courses. Many of these courses are now available online through e-learning, expanding both the number of courses and providers and making access more convenient for busy high school students. For more information on advanced placement, courses, tools, and tips, follow the links below.

Why take Advanced Placement Courses?

Taking AP course allows you to skip taking them in college if you get an acceptable grade on the AP Exam. Because there are several to choose from you could save yourself up to one year of college. You will be able to proceed with more confidence in your college courses knowing you have demonstrated your ability to do college-level work.

Where can I get more information?

Check your high school counselor or college admissions office. Registration for AP courses is handled through your local school AP coordinator. If your school does not have a coordinator or you are home-schooled, contact The College Board, the organization that administers the program. Go to The College Board AP

Are there places to get help in preparing for AP exams?

Yes, at The College Board that has information about preparing for the AP exam and "free response" questions in each subject area. Go to The College Board Prepare

Another helpful site is Apex Learning, Inc, that has assembled materials and resources, including a free sample diagnostic, to assist you in preparing for an AP Exam. Go to AP Exam Review


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