FAQs - Academic Common Market

What is the Academic Common Market?

The Academic Common Market enables college students from one SREB state to pursue uncommon degrees in another SREB state at in-state tuition rates. Approximately 2,500 new students participate each year in 1,900 programs at 150 institutions. The program was established in 1974 by SREB to help member states avoid developing and maintaining costly academic programs through sharing resources and the exchange of students across borders at in-state rates.

Participating states:

Alabama          Georgia              Mississippi            Texas

Arkansas         Kentucky           Oklahoma              Virginia

Delaware          Louisiana           South Carolina       West Virginia

Florida              Maryland           Tennessee

Academic Common Market/Electronic Campus:

The Academic Common Market/Electronic Campus allows students in SREB states to enroll in uncommon online degree programs outside their home states — at in-state tuition rates. Close to 90 degree programs are available, and about 130 students were certified for study during the past year.