Attend College

Today's opportunities and options for adults preparing to start or return to college are greater than ever before. E learning literally has brought the college campus to you and at times convenient to your schedule. If you are looking to complete your degree, stop by the degree completion page for state specific initiatives and visit

Some options to consider. 
Where do you want to attend college?

  • Do you want to live-on campus, commute to campus, take a course online, or some combination?
  • Successful online students work independently, are self-motivated, manage time well and are comfortable with technology.

Here are five planning considerations as you begin your program search.

  1. Assess your career goals and align your educational goals to your chosen career and the educational requirements and programs that will help you pursue your career goals.
  2. Look realistically at the degree you are seeking to acquire and the length of time it will require you to achieve it. For example, if you are planning to pursue a bachelor's degree, consider associate degree options with community colleges as a "midpoint" objective. Consider a credit-based certificate program that will provide you with yet another "stepping stone" option, particularly if you are planning to pursue a degree in an area you are currently working. 
  3. Audit a course or two or "transient" student. This can be the equivalent of an automobile "test drive" for your studies and will help you gauge your overall readiness to pursue studies, manage your time, balance your schedule and generally to give you a better idea of the challenges (and fun) ahead.
  4. As part of your planning effort, consider ways to "jump-start" your accumulation of credits. Many adult learners bring years of experience to their studies, experience that can be converted to academic credit. Visit the Prior Learning Experience page — you might be surprised at just how big a start you can get!
  5. Consider all financial options available to you and plan for the cost of your education. Will your employer provide support for your educational pursuits? For more information about all of the options available to you visit the Financial Assistance page.